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Four days ago we talked about important points to write the doctoral thesis in a month. Since the post was somewhat long, I decided to divide it into two parts, so here I bring you the continuation, I hope it serves:
security and taking into account several aspects

1) Do not worry, in the end it’s not that difficult. I know it seems that I am contradicting myself with the previous point, but that it is relatively easy does not have to do with that you dedicate a lot of time. In fact, this could be an extension of point 1: if you have done it during the doctorate years, and you have enough published articles, in a thesis by compendium of articles you will only have to add an introduction and conclusions.

It is worth that “only” is very relative, but think that if you have, for example, 5 or 6 articles, approximately 60% of the thesis will be those articles and you only have to write 40% (maybe 20 % introduction and 20% conclusions?). If you only have 2 articles, you will have done approximately 15% of the work, and you will still have to write 85% of the thesis.

With this I mean that, in fact, the thesis is writing during the three or four years of doctorate, what touches the end (a lot or little) is just what you lack so that the work of all those years has a sense and a linear logic that “spins” all the articles.

2) Invest one morning (or two … or three …) in reviewing the paperwork, paperwork and bureaucracy. It seems silly, but invest one morning before writing the dissertation to find out what papers you will have to fill out, how many copies you have to deliver and where you should deliver them, if you have to notify your doctoral colleagues to sign papers as well ( check if anyone is staying or can not be reached), the deadlines to deposit and / or pre-deposit … you will avoid more than one last minute surprise.

Take for granted that equally some paper or signature will be missing, but if you are a foresight will be a minor and easily solvable process.

3) Look at the PhD requirements that you have to meet before depositing. No matter how fast you write, if you do not meet the requirements you will not be able to finish your thesis in a month. That is why I recommend that you review the regulations of your doctorate to see if you meet all the requirements.

For example, in mine, they ask me at least to have attended 30 hours of seminar, as well as to have published two scientific articles (at least one of them with impact) in which I signed as the first author. If I do not keep this, they will not let me deposit.

4) Take into account the deadlines. This is a point that many people who are finishing the doctorate do not know, but it is extremely important: if you do not deposit the thesis before the end of the academic year (in my case, the course covers from October 1 to September 30 of the following year ), you must pay the full tuition for the next course, regardless of whether you defend on October 1 (beginning of the course), that in summer or September of the following year.

Eye, I mean to deposit, not to defend the thesis. If, for example, you deposit on September 20, it does not matter whether you defend the thesis in October (technically, it is the next course) because the deposit was carried out in the previous year (September 20 is still the previous year, at least in my university).

On the other hand, if you deposit on October 1 (only ten days later), you will have to pay the registration fee (€ 550 in my case), the deposit (around € 170), and the doctor’s certificate when you approve (€ 220 in my case). case). Therefore, calculate that between you do the pre-deposit, they give you the OK, you are going to deposit (being lucky that you do not have to return another day) and approve your court; Do not go past September 30.

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