Important points to write the doctoral thesis in a month

As you know, this summer I am in the final stretch to finish my PhD: I have a couple of months bundled between books, articles, files on the computer … not to mention paperwork, signatures here and there, etc. and so on. If everything goes well, in the first days of September I will defend the thesis and all this (for the time being) will end.

In today’s post I want to comment on some key points that I followed during May so that you can get an idea of a way to write and leave your thesis practically finished in a month. If I could do it, you can!

Note: since the post has been longer than I thought, I have divided it into two parts, this being the first and the second will be in four days.
Let’s go there:

First of all, I want to give you a couple of clarifications: first, when I talk about leaving your thesis ready, from now on I will refer to write the document of your thesis, which will be evaluated by a three-member tribunal ; as long as I write the thesis by compendium of articles (in case of monographic thesis may take more time).

Secondly, not every thesis is possible to leave it finalized in a month: it will depend on the area of knowledge, as well as on the research design that you are using in your thesis. It will also depend on the person (the ease of writing, the encouragement, the urgency you have to finish …), but above all, depend on the previous work that you have carried out.

1) The doctoral thesis is only the final product of a whole process that you have carried out for three, four or more years. Therefore, like any final product of something, its quality, as well as its result will depend fundamentally on the work you have done previously.

If you want to write and leave your thesis list in a month (in my case, writing it took exactly 27 days), you must have worked a lot beforehand.

What do I mean by working hard? 1) to write, send and publish many articles (my director tells me that we must keep in mind a ratio of 1: 3, that is, an article published by every three sent), 2) have very clear concepts, theories and theoretical framework of your thesis (which is achieved by reading and studying a lot during the doctoral years) and 3) having a good research team (and if you do not have it, look for colleagues, people related to your field of knowledge, meet people in congresses that can give you feedback and with which you can discuss, etc.).

All this will allow you when you have to write your thesis, the words “come out alone”.

2) Write a lot. Like everything in this life, writing is learned by writing. To be fluent, do not often go through the so-called “blank folio syndrome” and have a structured head with what you want to say, you will have to practice before writing your thesis.

Writing implies of course the aforementioned scientific articles that will be part of your thesis, but also write a blog, write and prepare for conferences, write for seminars and write ideas, drafts and projects that are halfway (for this, Researchgate and Academia. edu can help you). All that is practical that when the final moment arrives, you will always appreciate.

3) Call me heavy, but get yourself a good index. I know I have explained it a thousand times, I will not be entertained: having a good index for the thesis, with its chapters, sub-sections and its “sub-sub-sections” is fundamental. Once you have it, you will have clear what to include and what not in each site, and therefore, you can limit yourself exclusively to writing that, without having to improvise or have to stop to think what to put now.

4) Dedicate time. Make no mistake, if you want to have the thesis ready in a month, you will have to throw between 5 and 10 hours a day. Some days you will only throw the morning, but other days you will have to be morning, noon and night.

And this is all girls and boys. Remember that in four days you will have the second part of the post here. If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or know any important point that has jumped, leave it in the comments or write to email.


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