Essay Assignment Evaluation – Common Mistakes Students Make

Blunders Committed By Students When Writing Essays

When in college, it is essential you realize that academic writing is a widespread affair. This essentially means that college students have to draft several essays throughout their college life. Therefore, any smart college student should take it upon themselves to learn the best ways to create excellent articles. Remember, it is only through presenting your teacher with a correctly drafted paper that you will set yourself in a position to be given top marks.

Crafting academic essays is usually tricky for many understudies. Not only does the activity require a student to put in a lot of work, but it is also something that each student has to do correctly. Presenting shoddy articles to professors is one of the surest ways of failing your writing exam. This is why it should be every student’s priority to find out how these articles are crafted.

To start with, when teaching yourself how to write essay correctly, it is good you familiarize yourself with the most common mistakes students usually make when writing these papers. Doing this is very important. This is because it will enable you to know what these mistakes are; it will also help you avoid making them. Here are some common errors that approximately every student commits when it comes to this activity. Some of these mistakes include;

  1. Spelling errors- this the use of incorrect homophones in their sentences. For example, a student may use the word “it” in place of the word “eat’. To avoid this, make sure to proofread your paper and watch what you write carefully.
  2. Wordiness- this is where a student uses many words in a single sentence while trying to bring out its meaning. Verbosity usually makes the sentence unclear. Here, remove any words with the same meaning and identify any long phrases and replace them with single words where possible.
  3. Misuse of commas usually occurs when students put commas before conjunctions, which renders the sentence grammatically incorrect. An example is; mary, and Sharon came home late. Instead of Mary and Sharon came home late.
  4. There are those instances where students fail to include verbs or subjects in their sentences. This refers to those instances where students employ sentence fragments, and it is also another common mistake that students make. 
  5. Not placing commas after interrupters- an interrupter is a phrase that is used to break the flow of a sentence while, in turn, providing extra details. Always make sure to place a comma after every interrupter you use.

This article was created to speak to this topic specifically. We have created a list of the top five mistakes that college students make when writing their essays. Read through the article and get to see what these mistakes are. The aim here is to make students aware of these issues so that they can be able to avoid them in the end. This will be the best way to ensure that they write excellent error-free articles.

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